Girls Sandals

Narrow Width Sandals with Arch Support

Aneara has developed a range of narrow width sandals with arch support that combines comfort and fashion. Buying well made, leather narrow width ladies or girls sandals can be difficult if you want arch support make that nearly impossible. Luckily, Aneara has made it easier for you.

Aneara designed their narrow width sandals on a narrow last ensuring they fit around your heel and across your toes comfortably. Aneara doesn’t just add a few more holes to the ankle strap or add a bit more padding to make them fit narrow feet. So, no more stuffing your shoes with foam cushions and heel pads or curling your toes just to keep your sandals from falling off.

We believe you should always wear stylish footwear never compromising on fashion or fit just because you need narrow fitting sandals. Aneara's range of supportive sandals are podiatrist approved and are the ideal sandals for teenagers or ladies. They look like everyone else's sandals, but they have inbuilt arch support and a metatarsal dome as well as an ankle strap, all contributing to making them great for your feet. They can take you from all day shopping to a dinner with friends.


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