Podiatrist Approved Shoes

Why Our Shoes Are Special

Our shoes are special because they are always designed in consultation and approved by a Podiatrist, to make sure they are good for your feet.

Every podiatrist designed shoe and sandal design starts with our anatomical footbed.  The footbed has a structured heel counter and deep heel cup which better supports the foot and stops the foot and ankle from slipping sideways.  It incorporates a metatarsal dome which increases the surface area of the foot to give more stability and helps place your forefoot in a natural resting position.  The inbuilt arch support ensures the foot is always in a comfortable and stable position.  Aneara always includes an adjustable ankle closure which provides a secure fit, ensuring your foot doesn’t have to work hard to keep your shoes on.

Aneara shoes are designed in Brisbane for the sub-tropical climate.  Each shoe upper is made with 100% leather.  Using leather ensures the foot can breathe, allowing you to have odour free shoes. 

Last but certainly not least Aneara shoes are on trend.  Each and every season we ensure we are on trend with colours and styles. When we say on trend, they are classical not trendy.

Charlotte Latte - Standard
Charlotte Silver - Narrow
Elizabeth Pink - Standard
Amelia Caramel - Narrow

Narrow Width Sandals with Arch Support - Recommended by Podiatrists

Stylish leather supportive sandals for preteens, teens and ladies.  Available in two widths narrow and standard in sizes 34-42.  They look like everyone else's shoes but they are great for your feet..

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